Dr Nancy LEUNG Wai Yee (1951-2020)

Dear members,

It is with great sadness I share with you that our dear colleague and friend Dr Nancy Leung Wai Yee, an internationally renowned hepatologist in Hong Kong, passed away on 17 July 2020. She was an active member and council member of our Association.

She has contributed significantly to the profession especially in her area of expertise in hepatology and hepatitis management. In the last half a year when Hong Kong is stricken by the COVID-19 epidemic, she took the lead in gathering support from the private sector to helping out the Hospital Authority in clinical work and she personally participated in clinic sessions in TKO hospital on a daily basis until the day she passed away. I salute her in having a great heart in contributing to the medical profession. She will always be remembered for her loving kindness, selfless generosity, encouraging spirit, and intellectual curiosity.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel KWOK Po Yin
Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong

Dr Nancy LEUNG Wai Yee