Fight Coronavirus: Call for Your Support

Call for private doctors back in government practice 

Given the ferocity of the coronavirus outbreak, the concurrent influenza season, and industrial action by public-hospital workers on the horizon, the Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong and Medical Conscience have responded to the call for action from the HA Locum Office after a professional evaluation of the pressing needs. We are now assembling doctors and nurses in private practice to return to the HA and assist frontline colleagues in our common battle to defend Hong Kong.

We must emphasise that this campaign is not predicated on any political views. Our chief objective is to do our part for Hong Kong in this time of need and provide medical care to Hong Kongers. We hope to stand with all healthcare workers on a common front in the face of this outbreak. With a united show of professionalism and humanity, we will prove our mettle as one of the most professional medical communities in the world and let the spirit of our city shine through.

Join our ranks:

Press release about the campaign was issued on 2 February 2020